air freshener and bacteria killer


KlimaCleaner gives very effective desinfection and long term protection agains germs in the air condition system. And: safes a lot of money with a the easy work process.


efficiency with a one-shot can

KlimaCleaner is a professional and approved disinfectant for the entire air condition and heating system. Kills bacteria, fungis and germs.  Precautionary and long lasting effect (6 to 12 months). Due to its gaseous state and intensive contact time inside the car KlimaCleaner penetrates in every nook and cranny of the ventilation system.


benefit 1


directions for use

If necessary, check if there is an internal air filter installed. Disassemble the filter and start the engine. Turn the air condition to the highest and coldest level and open all the air vents. Move the passenger seat as far backas possible. Wind up all windows. Place KlimaCleaner upright in the passenger seat footwell, not under the dashboard!

Now turn the air conditioning off, but not the fans or the air circulation. Press the actuator until it locks into place, then immediately close the doors from the outside. Leave the vehicle running for around 15-20 minutes. After use, open all the doors, turn off the engine, leave the outside air vents running for another 5 minutes.




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